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Tyler Bell
Director, Producer, Camera, Sound, Editor

An Alabama native, Tyler Bell has worked as a production assistant and computer animator on several films and commercials during the 1980’s -1990’s. In 1991, Bell became a percussionist for the popular college band Blues Old Stand. During that time he co-produced and recorded the band’s first and second albums with producers Jim Marrer and John Keane. After five years of touring and recording, Bell returned to his hometown of Montgomery, AL and opened four restaurants between 1996-2001. He began making short films about the South in 2001 with guidance from his mentors, Joel DeMott and Jeff Kreines. THE BIG STATION is his first full length documentary. Currently Bell is editing two films for CaseQuarter Records: QUESTIONS FOR PERRY TILLIS and ISAIAH OWENS - PRAY AND GET READY. He is also working on a project about Guitarist Hermon Hitson for Rabbit Factory Records.