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In October of 1948, WDIA, in Memphis, Tennessee, became the first radio station in the United States programmed by African Americans for African Americans.

Today, in Montgomery, Alabama - the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement - a small black-owned and operated radio station carries on WDIA’s cultural legacy.

Known to its listeners as “The Big Station,” WKXN provides the local African American community with call-in shows, local news, and plenty of soulful music.

Director Tyler Bell adopted a direct approach to filming in order to create a cinematic environment where the film’s viewers are treated as an extension of the radio station’s listening audience.

THE BIG STATION illustrates what radio is like when it is not only for the people, but by the people. As WKXN owner and DJ “Killer Diller” Roscoe Miller would say...“it’s on like popcorn!”